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Based in Charleston, SC, Good People Marine is a family-owned and operated firm offering delivery captains, captains-for-hire, waterway concierge and marine consulting for retailers and clientele.


Founded by husband and wife team, Captain Mike + Chief Operating Officer Margaret Little, Good People Marine’s elite fleet of captains are carefully curated and exhaustively vetted to ensure best-in-class service whether you’re embarking on the maiden voyage, moving ports or looking to navigate new waters. 


With significant experience on vessels up to 65ft, our licensed and insured captains prioritize safe passage above all else with an excellent track record of staying on schedule, maximizing efficiency and making memories. 


Learn more about our captain-for-hire services and our partnership packages with boat retailers. We’ll see you on the water. 




From maiden voyages to moving ports, at Good People Marine our delivery captains are carefully vetted, well-versed in best practices and insured - we value efficiency, safe passage and a premier service above all else. 


Whether you’re a retailer looking to provide an elevated experience for your clientele following their purchase, or private owner seeking someone who will treat your vessel as their own during transfer, our delivery captains are at the ready to run boats up to 40ft from the Lowcountry tidal waters on down to the Florida Keys.


Whether you’re a seasoned angler gunning for the high hook or have never cast a line in your life, this is all about getting you in the right boat with the right guide to give you a great story for the morning.


Netting pure talent with technical expertise and vetted experience, our captains are top tier at putting you on fish, leaving you with a pearl of wisdom or two, and making sure you snag those sweet moments along the way. 


Get in touch with us today to book your charter or learn more about our guides.


Looking to navigate new waterways, learn all the tricks and tips for your unique vessel, or simply sit back and enjoy the ride?


Our premier on-call-captains are here for all of it and then some. 


Adept at running Class I - Class II, we couple extensive expertise, and educational approach and exhaustive safety protocols with high-touch experience that make waves and memories. You provide the boat, we’ll bring the brains, the gear and the good times.


Your salty heart hurts for big days on the water, and we are here to help make that happen. 


From choosing the boat of your dreams on down to the right tackle box, our seasoned captains are here to help you navigate selections that are personalized, practical and economical. 


Buy once, buy right.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our marine consulting and outfitting services, or explore options for joining the Good People Marine team. 



At Good People Marine, we promise our partners expert captains for every experience - delivering on this promise begins and ends with our fleet of damn good captains. 


Attracting the best of the best means providing the best of the best. Good People Marine offers our captains the most compelling compensation package in the industry and, with that, a highly selective and carefully curated value and experience-based vetting process.


We train well. We pay well. We’re good to our clients and we’re good to each other.


This good starts with you. Rooted in values of generosity, conservation and, you guessed it, damn good captains, our vision becomes action through our fleet. 


Join Good People Marine today. 



As the sister arm of Good People Fishing, around here, we believe in bringing good people together to make good happen.


Beyond running boats with utmost care and ensuring delightfully memorable experiences on the water, Good People Marine is committed to impact with soft spots in our salty hearts for conservation and generosity. 


Learn more about our charitable charters, the local organizations we love, and how you can help make good happen through Good People Give.   

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Good things from good people coming your way...

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