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Around here, we believe in bringing good people together to make good happen. Beyond running boats or casting lines, we are committed to impact with soft spots in our salty hearts for conservation and generosity. 


Veteran-owned and family operated, Mike and Margaret Little started Good People Fishing in 2017 as a way to do good and give back to the community they loved - offering free fishing trips on a new boat to anyone who wanted to get on the water, explore the lowcountry’s natural beauty, learn more about our local environments and “catch more than fish” with genuine connection + memorable experiences. 


Although our venture has evolved over the years, our dream stayed the same: do good and give back.


These values became the mission behind Good People Give, our generosity and conservation initiative. Committed to becoming and acting on the good we want to see, Good People Give is grounded in our Charitable Charters program and expanding our reach to partner with local non-profits in an effort to make the greatest impact.  


Good starts here. Learn more about our Charitable Charters events including our volunteer captain call, donate to local nonprofits we love, or nominate an organization you believe is doing the good work in our community today. 




Join Good People Give as we partner with OPFOB to get veterans and their families on the water at no cost.


Based in Ridgeland, SC, and serving veterans and first responders across the state, OPFOB is dedicated to creating and fostering positive experiences for service members by curating connections through outdoor and recreational activities. 

Each of our local heroes has a purpose beyond their call of duty. Alongside OPFOB, we are committed to helping them find it.


Help us host a relaxing, fun day on the water for a veteran and their family, or answer our call for volunteer captains. 

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Good things from good people coming your way...

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